From its creation in 1999 Architectural Agency Fribul maintains high-quality design, combined with responsiveness in the hole investment process. The functional, aesthetic, social and financial challenges, posed to us, allowed us to search for creative solutions in every market segment. As a result, today we base our daily work methods on this experience and knowledge. Our team of specialists, experts and consultants fill the whole range in the investment process.

Every architecture, development and engineering project represents a value proposition. The aesthetic value of design. The functional value of a practical solution. The social responsibility for achieving the goals of a certain community. The euro expression as a solid return from the planned investment. Our challenge and responsibility in front of the client is to get the maximum of all these four elements, keeping a stable balance between them. Fribul has developed a method, allowing step by step reaching of the goals of every project. The result includes: controlled expenses and schedules, gradually advancing and foreseeable project, impressive and original design.

For complex investment projects, Fribul forms teams of highly specialized project planners, experts, and consultants. The company has well-trained and highly qualified staff. The agency uses also the services of external specialists when needed, so the total number of people working in Fribul varies depending on the specific characteristics of each project.

Quality policy and environment policy
“We create our environment as we want it to shape us”
– Customer takes first place in everything we create
– Client expectations and needs create a context for each project being developed
– We maintain an environment in which our team is committed to achieving the goals.
– We encourage high-quality management, service, and production.
– Develop competencies, drive innovation and engagement.
– We respect the company’s activities with all normative acts and the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.
– We bind quality responsibility at all levels of the company.
– We maintain mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers guaranteeing a high-quality product.
– Continuous upgrading and improving work processes is a constant goal.
– Ensuring full compliance of our activities with the requirements of the applicable legislation concerning the health and safety risks at work, the environmental aspects and other requirements adopted by the organization
– Continual striving to improve and prevent pollution, reduce waste and efficiently use scarce natural resources, according to ISO 14001: 2015.

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