Cultural center Maritime Casino reconstruction in Burgas Sea garden

Cultural center Maritime Casino reconstruction in Burgas Sea garden

Bourgas cultural center expresses the spirit and lightness of an eighty years old concrete structure nested on the edge of a seaside slope.
The building has a deep historical, cultural and sentimental value for the people of Bourgas. It’s located on the sea coast and it is the end point of a pedestrian avenue which crosses the city. It has long been abandoned and during the 20 years of the “transition period”, its fine wooden works and delicate concrete frames had suffered the negative impact of the natural hazards, without any maintenance being done.
The project consisted in restoring the building and the adjacent open scene “Ohliova” and its previous public functions. The building has a partial underground level hidden from the garden but open to the sea. On this level there are three different multifunctional halls and a terrace. The main floor is occupied by a single large, comfortable, double oriented, ceremonial hall. This space is designed to have many functions: it could open entirely towards the garden or on the contrary offer closeness and idyllic insulation from visitor’s sight and attention. On the next level are located the workshop studios as well as a panoramic terrace offering 360-degree view of Bourgas bay.
The restored building expresses the vision, the structure and the quality of the materials, carrying permanently traditions, knowledge and culture.

Arch. Yulya Zhelezova, Arch. Jivko Jelezov, Arch. Vladimir Dimitrov, Arch. Ekaterina Kondeva, Arch. Yulya Stoilova


  • Date : 30.04.2014