Master Plan of Tsenovo Municipality

Master Plan of Tsenovo Municipality

The Master Plan of Tsenovo municipality is prepared in accordance with:
– the prospective goals, priorities, projected calculations and planning forecasts for the territorial structure and functional systems of Tsenovo;
– the requirements of the planning assignment and the regulatory framework;
– the conclusions of the analysis part of the project in terms of Demography, Cultural heritage, Ecology. Housing, Work structure, Technical Infrastructure and more.
Tsenovo municipality creates conditions for sustainable affirmation of established urban tendencies – formation of two different zones and profiles of socio-economic development of the municipality:
Southeast zone, which includes the lands of Tsenovo village, Beltsov village, Piperkovo village and Dolna Studena village with dominant agrarian and industrial character and Zone northwest, which includes the lands of Karamanovo village, Dzhulunitsa village, Novgrad village, Krivina village and Belyanovo village, with predominantly agrarian character, enriched with various forms of alternative tourism.


  • Date : 02.12.2019