Protection of historic monuments in Varna’s master plan

Protection of historic monuments in Varna’s master plan

Attitudes towards tangible and intangible cultural heritage is a complex result of social, cultural, economic activity and needs of a society at a particular historical moment. Objects of protection in zoning process are single and group cultural monuments, the archaeological reserve “Odessos”, the core of the Sea Garden, historically formed urban context, traditionally built urban centers with characteristic structures and urban tissue. The historic core of the city concentrates most significant cultural and historical heritage subject to planning policy because of the serious risk during redevelopment processes.

We are united by the idea of ​​preservation and development of cultural heritage:
– cultural heritage stimulates the development of the city.
– cultural heritage forms the “spirit of place” a unique specificity and identity of a city.
– cultural heritage is a source of pride and a sense of belonging to the community.
– cultural heritage is guarantor for new quality of tourism product aimed at the audience consuming cultural and congress tourism.


  • Date : 08.07.2010