Conservation and preservation of historic monument

The attitude towards cultural heritage is a sign for the development of a given society. Engaged in this process, we offer adapted architectural and technical solutions for preserving historic monuments. We offers different level of intervention depending on the condition of a monument building.

Preservation of a building:
We prescribe actions to be taken for stabilizing the monument’s structure and materials in order to end the destructive process and restore the original look of a monument.

Conservation of facades:
This seemingly simple activity is complex. In collaboration with chemists we prepare recepies for materials and methods of intervention close to the authentic used for the construction.

Reconstruction and overall repairs of historic monument:
Neglected maintenance and aging usually cause problems with the roofs and foundations, hence various destructive processes. We prepare the necessary reconstructions and restoration plans necessary for a building permit.

Adaptation and re-use:
We are passionate about designing for the future of our historic environment. The re-use of buildings is an integral part of creating sustainable architecture – recycling buildings and renovating places is possibly the most sustainable approach of all.

Master-planning and redevelopment of historic cities
In most cases, where the buildings are in the central urban area, we elaborate complex investigations, present and defend urban planning solutions. We provide urban concepts, strategies, plans for preservation, conservation and management of historic areas.

Architecture services

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Urban Design

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