Urban Design

To achieve the potential of the city environment, regarding dynamic public centers, significant spaces, quality infrastructure and delicately embedded living spaces, is required vision. These qualities all together presume sustainable environment and motivate the citizens towards life, work, travel and entertainment in balance with their surrounding environment. Our role is to plan these relations, using urban planing tools from the rank of OUP (common urban plan) to the small PUP (detailed urban plan)

Architecture services

The fun travel in the world of forms and light is enthralling for us, as well as for our clients and specialists. We guide, coordinate and lead a team of active participant in the engulfing space construction, from the flash of an idea to its full realization at every level. The creative design process we […]

Conservation and preservation of historic monument

The attitude towards cultural heritage is a sign for the development of a given society. Engaged in this process, we offer adapted architectural and technical solutions for preserving historic monuments. We offers different level of intervention depending on the condition of a monument building. Preservation of a building: We prescribe actions to be taken for […]


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